Building on the Social Innovations Journal, Institute, and Lab’s 10-year track record of identifying and documenting the most promising approaches to social issues, we are building an online community and platform that introduces the best social-impact ventures to investors. The Impact First Market combines the science and art of indexing to give social investors across sectors a clearer view into blended social and financial regional markets. The IF Market takes a regional listing approach and scores social ventures based upon transparent social impact and financial performance.  The IF Market is the first impact-first investment platform building a supply of high-impact social ventures to meet the increasing demand of impact investors.


There is not a central place or rating system that identifies and serves as a regional repository of government, not-for-profit, and private social ventures and innovations driven by entrepreneurs and not-for-profit/for-profit institutions that are making the most impact on people's lives, neighborhoods, and issue areas (social mobility, healthcare, education, human services). As there isn’t a “Crunchbase” (searchable platform to identify high-impact ventures and social sector "unicorns”) for impact investors/philanthropies to search for high-impact opportunities and for policy-makers to identify what is working and direct public dollars accordingly (legislatively and/or as co-investors), the IF Market is incubating and developing this market.

5% of the assets in U.S. Charitable Foundations equal the entire U.S. Venture Capital industry, but severely lack financial mechanisms to scale new and better approaches to solving social problems.




To help guide social investors, each Social Venture is assigned points based upon the below criteria.  Social Ventures with the highest points are listed at the top of the rankings in the marketplace page.  To further assist investors, Social Ventures can be sorted by rank, impact area, region, and investment type.

The IF Market Ranking Point System is based upon 6 primary criteria vetted by Social Investors and Ventures

  1.  Demonstrated Social Impact
  2.  The Correct Composition of Leadership, Teams, and Partnerships
  3.  Financial Sustainability and Financial Returns 
  4.  Scaling and/or Policy/Systems Change
  5.  Responsible Organizational Behavior including Board Diversity; Fair and Gender-Based Wages; and Environmental Impact
  6.  Addressing a Root Cause