Circle of Aunts and Uncles

  • Loan (PRI),
  • 2015

Total Investment Annually

Business Incubation

Impact Area

$1,000 - $10,000

Average Investment
Invetsment Type
The Circle of Aunts & Uncles is a multi-generational project to provide low-interest loans and social capital to under-resourced entrepreneurs in order to co-create a more equitable, compassionate, sustainable, and vibrant local economy in the Greater Philadelphia region. Vision We envision a prosperous local economy that supplies basic needs to the local population, works in harmony with our ecosystem, supports vibrant, joyful, and inclusive community life and has broad-based business ownership reflecting the demographics of our population. We aspire to: 1. Strengthen regional self-reliance by supporting the local production of basic needs, replacing imports with locally made products and services. (This is of particular importance, not only to build the wealth of our communities through local ownership, but also to address climate change by reducing the carbon omissions of long distance shipping and to limit our reliance on global supply chains easily disrupted by increasingly unstable weather and social unrest.) 2. Support local business owners in historically marginalized communities and populations, which will create jobs and increase community wealth and vibrancy. 3. Build a community of lenders and entrepreneurs who experience the collective joy of working collaboratively toward a common vision for our region. 4. Protect and regenerate our local ecosystem.
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